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Good day.

I want selected Assay data (interval data) of drill hole which intersection solid model of ore with

Can I do it with Target ArcGIs


  • Hi @AlesgerMammedov, I'm not sure it's possible. What format is your ore model? A Voxel? Or a wireframed geosurface?

    If it's a Voxel, there is a tool called Sample a Voxel (from the Target Drillhole Toolbar, 3D menu). This will give you a new channel in your assay database that contains the Voxel value for the XYZ location. It's not perfect since it looks for the XYZ point and not the interval, but it's close.

    This sampled voxel channel could then be used to create a mask channel that can be used to display a selection of assay data that intersects the voxel (set your preferences to use mask channel for plotting).
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  • HI @AlesgerMammedov, Check out a more detailed answer to your question in the latest Exploring with Data blog post.
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