Can you use Leapfrog viewer when you are offline?

edited July 2021 in Leapfrog
Before the merge, the viewer did not require a license, which is great when your clients want to have a quick look at the model. Why is this now introduced and is there any way to open the viewer when you are in the field and do not have internet (yes, that still happens)


  • I'll try to bring some light on the main reasons why the Leapfrog Viewer has been merged within the main Leapfrog product and how it has been seen to now be under "lock and key".

    Having Leapfrog Viewer under a sign in allows for future planning of functionality when it's under the same access, it will also work as an added security level on the end user side.

    It also allows us to better understand who uses the software, at least in numbers, meaning we can better plan future features. And since the entire Leapfrog package is now consolidated it means we can better allocate resources where it matters for both the modeler and the viewer. Such as a future rework of the graphics rendering.

    On selecting Viewer you can choose to take a 30 day period of access, if you are solely using Viewer, else if you are modelling with say Geo, you can view all the same Viewer files at the same time, in the same package. The initial checkout of the 30 day period does however require internet access to achieve.

    I hope this helps a little to understand why this merger was made.


    Product Manager - Geological Solutions