About texture import in Mesh

Hello, anyone know how to import textures to a mesh?



  • Hi @JoseMamaniVilca,

    You can either:
    - Drape a image on a mesh.
    - Import the mesh as an .obj with associated .mtl and image files.
    - Import the mesh as Maptek .00t and .ireg files (Maptek Link extension required).

  • Hi @JoseMamaniVilca,

    I hope that helped, let us know if you are still having issues.

  • @DavidWatkins I am struggling recently with the obj import where when I import the obj it does not bring the texture mtl file in the project, it just brings in the mesh. I tried the obj export as jpeg, tiff png nothing seems to works. It worked for the previously, but since the 6.04 release it does not do it.
  • DavidWatkins
    DavidWatkins Staff
    edited July 21
    Hi @GranthamOckhuizen1,

    Apologies, I didn't see your response until now. Can you please open a support ticket and we can assist you in determining the source of the problem. Does the exact same obj + image work in previous versions of Leapfrog?

    Things that usually trip up the process include:
    - Using non-relative file paths to the image in the .mtl file.
    - The .mtl file not being explicitly listed in the .obj file 

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