GeoTIFF imports in 5.1 but not 6.0

This is a GeoTIFF in GDA2020 Zone 55 (EPSG: 7855). It renders perfectly in Leapfrog Geo 5.1 but appears with an error icon in 6.0 (no error is given though). These were imported by choosing "Import elevation grid..."



  • Hi @TravisDraper,

    We did fix a GeoTiff import bug earlier this year in the Leapfrog Geo 6.0.4 release. If possible could you please upgrade to Leapfrog Geo 6.0.4 or 6.0.5 and see if that solves your problem. If it doesn't solve your issue could you please contact support at [email protected] so that we can investigate further.

  • Hi again @TravisDraper,

    On closer look at your screenshots I see it is actually a mesh import issue you are experiencing, not a image import issue. The post title threw me!

    What mesh format are you importing the surface as? You could try opening the mesh options dialog and enabling the top three options to try and clean up any bad triangles and vertices present in the mesh.

    If you continue to struggle with this import, please contact support at [email protected] and we will help you to sort it out.