How to add a mesh to my cross-section?

Hi there. In older versions of Leapfrog Geo I was able to add meshes to the cross-sections I created fairly intuitively, now (6.0.3) I'm stumped. How can I add meshes to my cross-section layout? No models appear as options (despite having Geological Models in my project), nor do surfaces or lines (again, I have these in my project). Is the Cross Sections Layout function broken in 6.0.3? 

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  • jasonMcIntosh
    edited January 28 Accepted Answer
    Hi Thomas, have you evaluated the models and surfaces onto the section before adding them to the layout? 

  • jasonMcIntosh
    Accepted Answer
    No worries! Happy to help.


  • Thank you Jason, this was what I was missing! 
  • I should mention we are making this workflow more intuitive for the next release, so stay tuned for the next feature release midway through this year. 
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