Gravity drift correction - Closure

When using the new Gravity OMN I see the following:

1) When importing a gravity survey (in my case a CG5.txt file) the resulting database does not recognize the base station readings as Type = 0, which causes the readings to be Merged to the final database - why?
2) Applying the Gravity correction applies several corrections one of which is the Drift correction. In previous versions a Closure column which was useful for QC purposes, why does this not happen any more?


  • I don not see a response to this. I too have been asking these two questions and can not seem to get an answer.

    1) I now manually change the 1 to a zero for my base station so it does not merge with the master data base. Inconvenient.

    2) The Closure column disappeared and I wan ti back. It is terribly inconvenient in the new versions. Unless the Locations data base is updated first, i have to keep RE-IMPORTING the gravity data file every time I make a change to the locations data base. Killing me.
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