Unable to install v8.4

Recently, I purchased a new MSI GL73RC laptop, installed Windows 10 on it, and tried to install a geosoft oasis installation, but the program does not even show an installation window. Please, help me with this problem.


  • @ГригорийФилиппов There was a problem with this version where on some computers the installation dialog was transparent. You can try turning off the transparency setting in your Windows display options.

    1. Right-click on your desktop > click personalize.
    2. From the settings panel click Colors > Scroll down to "More Options" and turn off "Transparency effects"

    You may have to play around with some other settings to make the window visible. If you email [email protected] your license information, I can find out if you can install a later version that has fixed this issue. Please do not post your license key in the forum.
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  • Unfortunately, the solution you described for my problem did not work. I send a screenshot, which shows that the transparency effects are disabled, but the installation window is still not displayed.
    I can say that by experience I managed to ensure that the installer window was at least opened by changing the screen size, but the window is displayed incorrectly - as in the 2 attached screenshot. Correspondingly, the window is not active and it is impossible to continue working in it.

  • Hi @ГригорийФилиппов I have two suggestions:

    1. Change your background to a solid colour (black).
    2. If step one doesn't work try running a silent install (installing with no interface). The steps are outlined in this knowledge base article: https://my.geosoft.com/supportcentre#/kb/kA3a0000000XP6eCAG

    Let me know if you are successful!
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  • It did not worked too. With solid black (or blue or red, that I have tested) it didn't opened too.

  • I think it's down to using the silent install method in step 2 then.
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  • I tried to install through the silent method. The screenshot is attached above. Or do you mean something else?
  • Try the steps in this article: https://my.geosoft.com/supportcentre#/kb/kA3a0000000XP6eCAG, it should install in the background with no dialog, no interface, so this problem won't matter.
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  • what am I doing wrong?
  • The command you should enter for installing Oasis montaj is:

    setup.exe -silent INCLUDE_OMCORE=1

    I will try to make that clearer in the article. You need to replace "product" with the code listed for what you are trying to install.
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  • I can't read Cyrillic, did you also change directory to the folder with the installation file? Did you also rename the installation file to setup.exe?
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  • Finally, I was able to drive the right combination (thank you very much), but only the same installer window was opened, which is not displayed and does not work.
  • Hi @ГригорийФилиппов , did you ever get this working? If not, the best solution is probably to try using the previous version. Let me know and I can email you the installation file.
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