Create a Menu to Run Python Extensions

I'm starting in Python and I could not create a menu by following the procedure below: Can anyone help me? I want to call hello world on the menu at oasis montaj


  • TomPopowski
    edited January 2019
    Hi Michel,

    Did you place your "myPython.omn" menu in
    c:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\omn?

    It should be in
    c:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\user\omn
    and it will silently cause problems if you have the same menu in both.
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  • You will also need to load the menu by selecting Settings > Manage Menus and going clear to the bottom to User menus to select your menu. Your menu won't appear in this User menus list in the case I described above.
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  • I also have an issue with this. Following the steps in the tutorial (and above) i get an error message that reads

    "unable to load "mypython.omn. The menu is either empty or you are not licensed to use this menu."
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