How to download the DEM/SRTM Data?

Does anyone know how to download for free DEM/SRTM data easily? I have tried to use the seeker in geosoft doesn't seem to be helpful. I need to download the elevation data for a certain exploration license preferably in geosoft grid format so that I can generate contours.
Please help


  • Hi @MwapeSomanje you need version 9.0 or higher to use Seeker. If you are using an older version, try the new online Geoscience Data Service. You can download SRTM in Geosoft Grid format.

    You can get to it from within My Geosoft by clicking on the square button beside your name:

    Or jump directly to it from here:
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  • I have selected the area of interest, but I can't see the option to download the SRTM?

  • You have to click Search to see which data sets are available for your area of interest.
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  • There's also a video you could watch about it:
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  • It has worked thanks.
    Is there a way of changing the scale so I that the resolution is clear for relatively smaller area
  • You can change the resolution in the above dialog. It's in degrees, so the highest resolution (smallest cell size) you could enter for SRTM 3 Arc-Second is 0.00084 (approx. 90 metres). There is also SRTM 1 Arc-Second available and the highest resolution you could enter for that is 0.00028 (approx. 30 m).

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