GMSys 3D aeromagnetic data issue

I have an aeromagnetci data which was flown at 300 m height. The DEM data ranges from 373 to 2515 m. when I trying to use this data in GMSys 3D, I have to input the survey elevation at constant level above 2515, which is not real. I guess there is something missed, if some one help, will be highly appreciated.


  • Hello,

    When adding a magnetic survey there is an option to input your survey elevation from a grid, as seen in the screenshot of the dialog below. If your menu does not look the same, may I ask what version of Oasis Montaj you are using?



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  • DarrenAndrews
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    Hello Essam,

    Further to Phillip's question above, we implemented support for variable elevation magnetic surveys in GM-SYS 3D in our version 8.5 release. So if you are using that version or later, you can honour the survey geometry by creating a survey elevation grid that incorporates the flight height. To do this, I would use grid math to add your flight height to the DEM grid to produce a survey elevation grid, as shown in the screen capture below. Then you can use the new grid as the survey elevation when adding the magnetic survey to GM-SYS 3D.

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