Which is the correct workflow for airborne magnetic data

I need to process airborne magnetic data and make all the actions required (qa/qc, corrections, leveling, filtering, etc).


  • Hi @CésarDanielCastro, a good place to start is with Colin Reeves ebook, Aeromagnetic Surveys: Principles, Practice and Interpretation. You can download it here.
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  • Hi @CésarDanielCastro. I would also recommend the following papers on processing magnetic data:
    Luyendyk, A.P.J., 1997. Processing of airborne magnetic data: AGSO Journal of Australian Geology & Geophysics, 17 (2), 31-38
    Coyle, M., R. Dumont, P. Keating, F. Kiss, and W. Miles, 2014, Geological Survey of Canada aeromagnetic surveys: design, quality assurance, and data dissemination, GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA
    OPEN FILE 7660,http://ftp.maps.canada.ca/pub/nrcan_rncan/publications/ess_sst/295/295088/of_7660.pdf

    I'm not sure where you can obtain the Luyendyk paper but the Coyle report is available for free download from the link I've included.


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