digitizing layers from seismic line to be inserted into GM-Sys2D

I would like to digitize layers from seismic line to be inserted into Time-section (GMS-2D) in order to invert gravity data using the help of seismic. I could insert the seismic line as image in time-section but can not digitize the layers.


  • Hi @Essamaboud digitizing layers in the Time section works the same as the depth section. Are you having problems with both?

    If you have a current subscription in My Geosoft there is an online learning path that may help. It's called Working with Horizons: https://my.geosoft.com/elearning/lessons/#/reading/548.

    Basically you go to Profile > Import Surfaces (Time) > Then use the dialog that opens to start drawing your horizons. Have you tried this? Are you new to GM-SYS Profile, or is what you usually do not working?
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