extract data from a long database

hello everybody
please I will like to know how to extract a set of data from a very long database in Geosoft
thank you


  • Hi @QUENTINMARCANABAFOTZ what format are you looking to end up with? Would you like to extract data from a database to an Excel spreadsheet, XYZ or text file? And are you trying to export everything (all channels) from the database or a subset of channels?
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  • hi @BeckyBodger I will like to extract data from a database to an Excel spreadsheet
    Besides I am trying to export a subset of channels
    Thank you
  • Hi @QUENTINMARCANABAFOTZ, The first thing is to set up your database with only the channels you wish to export. To remove a channel from view, right-click on the channel name and click Hide column.

    To export the database go to the Database menu, click Export, and select CSV. Beside "Channels to save" select Displayed channels.

    If your database is really long you may encounter a Microsoft limitation which is that Excel 2016 only supports up to 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns. If you have more than this many fiducials in your database, no matter how you export it, you may not be able to import it into Excel.
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