gxapi syntax to apply method to channel

What is the syntax to apply a 9.3 gxapi method to a channel? Specifically, I have read a line of data from a given channel with

with gxdb.Geosoft_gdb.open() as gdb:
....for line in gdb.list_lines():
........chandata, ch, fid = gdb.read_line(line, channels=chan)

and I want to use the gxapi.GXFFT.band_pass(llen, hlen, pass_defined) method on chandata to generate the filtered data for writing to the output channel.

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  • DavidHoward
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    I've managed to do this using gxapi.GXVVU.bp_filt(myData.gxvv, filtData.gxvv, 110,150,0)
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